Movie Review App for iPhone – Critiview

One major thing that the App Store lacks in is a good movie review application.  Sure, there’s IMDb’s but their rating system is too broad.  There is also Flixster that has Rotten Tomatoes in it but its focus isn’t just movie reviews and the last time I checked it out, I don’t think there was a way to contribute reviews.  You could only give a rating.  Though, I may be wrong on this one because the last time I used it was about two years ago and I didn’t see any sort of add comment/review feature for the app.   So, now, I present a rough sketch done in Photoshop (which is difficult when you’re using a laptop with a Celeron processor and only 2 gigs of RAM):

The name of this application is Critiview and it shows you the application’s top reviews for movies currently playing.  Critiview’s purpose is to give users on the fly reviews when trying to figure out what to see, depending on the theater (as you can see, it’s broken up between “mainstream” and “art house”).

When you click on a movie, this is the page that will come up.  It will feature the review with its rating, whether you agree with it or not (similar to Digg’s), and comments users can make about the review.  The Coming Soon button shows what movies will be coming out soon and if the community is anticipating them or not.  This will be determined by using a similar (up/agree, down/disagree) voting system the reviews have in them.  Search will allow users to search for movies previously reviewed, as well as use a location based system to tell them what movies are playing in their area and at which theaters.  More will give users the ability to write a review for a movie they just saw, edit their profile, access the application’s settings, and visit Critiview’s site in their phone’s browser.  This is a very rough outline but I would really love a much better, more focused movie review phone application.


Also, points if you get the references.


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