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The Room: What a Storified Tweetalong

    1. The Room.  It’s sinister.  It’s horrendous.  It’s hilarious.  It may just be one of the greatest worst movies ever made and may be the greatest thing to ever come out of San Francisco.  This post is not just any post… it is a shrine to Tommy Wiseau and his perfectly terrible genius.  I have decided that this movie is something that can’t be reviewed.  If anything, The Room has been over reviewed and it speaks for itself in the end.  It’s awkward shots, writing, directing, acting… just everything.  This film must be seen to believed.

      I now present to you…

      The Room: What a Storified Tweetalong
      “Haha.  What a storify, Alex.” ~Tommy Wiseau
      Screenshots of the carnage…
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      “Hai doggie…” #theroom #tweetalong
      Mon, Apr 16 2012 22:14:42
    3. Doggie, strong and silent type.  It’s weird, minor things like this that make The Room what it is.  What is exactly was going on in Mr. Wiseau’s head when he decided to put this bit in?  Was it just to show he was getting flower’s for Lisa?  To show he’s a nice guy because he pets the cute pug at the flower shop?
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      My Pokemon Snap skills in action. #TheRoom #tweetalong
      Mon, Apr 16 2012 22:25:46
    5. This shot pretty much sums up the movie.
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      Why you don’t play football in tuxedos. #theroom #tweetalong
      Mon, Apr 16 2012 22:56:11
    7. I didn’t notice this till now but this is a very… homoerotic shot.  Obviously it’s not intentional but once again, it’s awkward moments like these that make The Room such a classic.
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      “Got it!” -Epic Chewing Guy #theroom #tweetalong
      Mon, Apr 16 2012 22:59:43
    9. Epic Chewing Guy, unsung hero of The Room.  More proof that this film has some of the worst camera work ever done.
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      I have never noticed this till now but there’s a random guy standing in the background. #theroom #tweetalong
      Mon, Apr 16 2012 23:04:38
    11. More awkward, unintentional homoeroticism.  Plus, a random guy loitering in the background.  I’ve seen this hilarious trainwreck so many times and did not notice him till now.
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      No TV is safe with Johnny! #tweetalong #theroom
      Mon, Apr 16 2012 23:28:12
    13. How your screen feels after The Room.
    14. How do others feel about this American classic?
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      Must get the soundtrack to #TheRoom the ladies will love it! #sinewyskin
      Mon, Apr 16 2012 17:35:31
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      I am 25 minutes into The Room. I can’t..I can’t even…this is so…#theroom
      Mon, Apr 16 2012 00:47:39
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      Mon, Apr 16 2012 00:54:15
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      RT @kendonak: Just had the greatest cinema experience of my life #theroom
      Mon, Apr 16 2012 21:28:50
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      After watching 4min of Tommy Wiseau’s #TheRoom my mind literally exploded intro 100 places. #worstmovieofalltime damn it all to hell 😦
      Mon, Apr 16 2012 23:30:57
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      #TheRoom is like really bad porno. It’s too early for this.. Thank god it’s the last week of classes
      Mon, Apr 16 2012 10:29:07
    21. My favorite quotes…
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      “I miss you.” “I just saw you, what are you talking about…?” #theroom #tweetalong
      Mon, Apr 16 2012 22:31:14
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      “I did not hit her, it’s bullshit I did not hit her. I DID NAUGHT!! Oh hai, Mark.” -Johnny #theroom #tweetalong
      Mon, Apr 16 2012 22:32:31
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      “Leave your stupid comments in your pocket!” -Mark #theroom #tweetalong
      Mon, Apr 16 2012 23:15:28
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      “Everyone betrayed me! I’m fed up with this world!” Greatest party fight scene ever. #theroom #tweetalong
      Mon, Apr 16 2012 23:22:54
    26. Best remix…

      Favorite mash-ups…

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