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Soulja Boy: The Movie — Gaudy Trash or is Ken Burns on a run for his “stacks on deck”?

A bad documentary is still a documentary.  Even if it’s poorly filmed, broken up into twelve parts, missing the fifth, and is uploaded on YouTube; it’s still a documentary. It educates the audience on something they could care less about and gives them their doctorates on the subject within an hour’s time. What am I talking about? Soulja Boy: The Movie. Before I continue any further, I’m going to let you know I am a huge fan of terrible flicks. I love The Room, Birdemic was epic (though unwatchable). My affinity for terrible, cheesy old anime OVAs knows no bounds. Ask anyone: I. Love. Trash. But I have to say, Soulja Boy: The Movie may be one of the most “less-than-mediocre” documentaries I’ve seen, and I’ve seen quite a few on its level. Still, they have all done what they sent out to do: educate the audience on something they know nothing about. That’s why I really can’t hate on pieces such as this.

And how could you hate on anyone that throws Benjamins into a crowd?

One of the pits this documentary really falls into is the focus: Soulja Boy (or DeAndre Way, depending on how he wants to be referred to). He refuses to work with the camera throughout all ninety minutes. He either won’t talk towards the camera/interviewer, gets too close to the camera, goes out of frame, or even ignores the fact that he’s being recorded. He mentioned a few times that he “hates doing interviews”. Why would the director even bother with this project then? Soulja mentioned how he “owed him a favor” but why still include that? Does he refuse to do any reshoots? If that is the case, how can he even film a music video? You rarely get shots right the first time. That bit could have at least been edited out if they weren’t going to explain why he owed whoever it was (assumedly, the interviewer) a favor.

Remote controlled Lamborghini chain, studded in black diamonds.  He really needed it.

Pitfall number two: this piece gives mixed arguments. Some objective, some subjective—that subjectivity ranging from putting Soulja Boy into a somewhat positive, human light or a negative, materialistic light (usually it ends up being the latter). There really is no continuity in what this documentary is trying to say. It keeps the audience interested but it doesn’t give a straight line on what is trying to be said and what we, the audience, must believe.

I have never been to a concert that had ads running in the background DURING performance.

Another flaw that also must be blamed on the director are gimmicks. The first, though somewhat required, are the concert tapings. I understand this documentary is sabout a “musician” but there is no real pacing between them and some are longer than they need to be. Several times I caught myself skipping through them and, frankly, there are a few concerts where they probably could have found better recordings. One that comes to mind is where there are advertisements for a dancing video game all around the stage. In certain shots, you can see the video game’s commercial playing on loop in the background in every recording of him in this concert (and this is within a span of at least three to four songs). The worst and most annoying gimmick? I’m going to dedicate another paragraph for that…


Within the first minute of this visual shrine, we are given a “screenshot” of a knock off YouTube page called RTube where Soulja Boy is, supposedly, giving his commentary in a comment box. I just don’t know what to make of this. This is such gaudy trash that it looks like more work was put into it than needed. There are so many other easier, less gimmicky ways of doing a caption commentary. They could have simply had a black screen with white, Impact or Helvitica font that had what Soulja Boy wanted to say in proper English. If you’re going to be a professional, “cuz” and “u” make you appear illiterate and after watching this ninety minute Soulja circle jerk, that is pretty much the conclusion I have made. At least on the bright side, DeAndre Way plainly admits he wants your money and could care less about you in the beginning of all this. Spoken like a true businessman.

What would go great with this?

Serve with…

Red Baron Supreme Pizza with Tabasco Sauce (regular)

Accommodating beverage…

Acai Purple Drank

  • 2 shots Russian Standard vodka
  • Half can of Sprite.
  • Fill with Acai juice

Serve in the gaudiest glass possible.

Critic Value: 4/10

There’s nothing here that really makes you think…. well, maybe you’ll start realizing that gaudy and apathy correlate with each other.

Quality Value: 5.5/10

I typically don’t give half credits but this film’s quality fluctuates from decent to poor then back again.

Entertainment Value: 8/10

Though, I think this really depends on the audience.  If you’re a Soulja Boy fan or hater, or just a general hip-hop fan, you’ll probably find some of this interesting (and I did).  But if you’re neither of those, just pass it.