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Mini-Review: Moonrise Kingdom – A film better experienced than discussed.

When I say a movie should be a coherent experience, Moonrise Kingdom does exactly what I mean.  Wes Anderson is a master of mise en scene; that is, creating an atmosphere that reflects the film, its story, and its message.  This is usually done by sets, costumes, writing and pretty much any little piece that makes a movie.  The clever cinematography/use of tracking shots and, sometimes awkward acting and dialogue, all work well for Moonrise.  It definitely makes you feel what it could have been like to live on an isolated shore town in New England in the sixties.


After I saw this film, I felt that this was going to be a hard one to write about.  The more I look at it, the further I come to this conclusion.  Moonrise Kingdom speaks from the voice of childhood and nostalgia but what it’s saying is up to the audience.  I wouldn’t classify this as a “coming of age” story because no one really matures.  In fact, if anything, youth is preserved from beginning to end.  Some may not like that but I find it to be this film’s charm.  This bit may be late to the party but this is a film worth checking out as soon as possible.  If you don’t enjoy it then you’re probably a robot.