It’s more than just pixels…

Journey has been getting me to really think about this subject lately; how cinema has pushed games, how it has been pushing games, and how it will be pushing games. What do I mean by push? I mean by “pushing” towards a more cinematic direction. View my evolution slideshow below to see what I mean…

P.S. Make sure to click the caption button in the bottom left so you can see what I have to say.

Vodpod videos no longer available.


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I'm a film hobbyist first, critic second.

3 responses to “It’s more than just pixels…”

  1. Zhen Huang says :

    Final Fantasy VIII has great cinematics is my first and favorite one. It is more than a great movie experience.

    • alexb289 says :

      I actually have a replica of Squall’s gunblade I got at a renaissance fair a few years ago. In my opinion, VIII also has the most creative weapons in the whole franchise. VI’s story will always be my favorite though; despite its moments where it feels a little disjointed and disconnected.

  2. Zhen Huang says :

    That is really cool! Thanks, I think I am going to check out FFVI.

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